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Indoor decoration : wall decals

Wall stickers or wall decals have become indoor decoration elements. Many are those who use them to revive their walls. Some might have heard about it, but don’t know yet what exactly they are for. Wall decals are stickers used to decorate the walls or furniture. They are presented in deferent models, size and colors to allow everyone to find the pattern of his choice.

The different kinds of stickers

wall decal

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The wall decals are available in vinyl or print. The vinyl stickers are recognizable for their monochrome color similar to a shadow. These stickers within very detailed carves are flat and opaque. The printed versions represent more pleasant pictures. They are available in several styles with prints like photos, drawings, or stickers of philosophic quotations. This type of stickers within simple curves has transparent background. There are also wall decals with 3D or embossed effects. This type of stickers reproduces an infinite number of patterns like stickers shaped as flower, trees, cartoon characters or more, the world map made up with word patterns.
These stickers can be of single use, electrostatic or repositionable. The first lasts longer, but requires care during installation since it sticks just once. The application must be a success at the very first time to avoid damaging it. Repositionable models can be glued and off several times. This kind of sticker is designed for passing decorations like Christmas. However, it is sensitive to heat and moisture. Electrostatic stickers can be stuck and unstuck as one wants. However, the installation requires a smooth surface such as glass, mirrors and tiles.

The wall stickers for better effects

wall decal treeThese wall stickers are mainly chosen to bring a particular touch to a room. This is the perfect decoration to redevelop a room the original way. Living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom can be decorated with these stickers. The wide variety of models of wall stickers allows everyone to choose one that suits him. Everyone can choose the one that best fits his style and decoration of his indoor. The patterns can indeed be fun designs for children’s rooms and design rooms like the living room. You simply adjust its size depending on the surface to be decorated to have the desired effect.
The stickers are applied on various surfaces such as walls, windows, tiles and furniture. However, they require a smooth, clean surface to allow the adhesive to stick easily. The installation is very simple and takes only a few minute. Anyway, it can be difficult for large stickers. It is necessary in this case to have several people for a successful operation. The use of benchmarks on the wall is a good tip for easy positioning. Scraping the surface of the sticker is very important to prevent the formation of bubbles. A plastic scraper or a used credit card can do the trick.

Pictures of wall units

Below are pictures and examples of wall units.

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